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The case of a woman who worked diligently in order to allow her spouse to attend medical or dental school, and then, later on, quit their job to be a homeowner. Criminal lawyers in Sydney who have spouses may not realize that the court considers these spouses to have a vested interest in their spouse’s professional practice.

Our job, as compassionate but professional legal solicitors is to guide spouses through the legal maze of the divorce and separation process which can seem so daunting.

No matter what the circumstances surrounding the divorce, there have been numerous court decisions in the past which we will share with our clients so they have a reasonable expectation of what to expect.

A divorce or separation is rarely easy, but with compassionate, ethical solicitors by your side, you can be sure that we will generally obtain a fair settlement for our clients.


Q. How much will a divorce or legal separation cost me?

A. There is no quick answer to the question. It depends upon the complexity of the case. Obviously, the more complex the case, the more expensive will be the result. However, cheap legal representation is not advice. Quite often, important financial issues are left out.

Q. How much child support can I expect.

A. Australian courts base the amount of child support on taxable income, plus deductions for any other child support. Child support is provided on the basis of children 12 and under and children 13 and older.

The more income a supporting parent has, the more he or she will pay. For a better breakdown of the figures, go to

Q. Is Spousal maintenance permanent?

A. No. Spousal maintenance is temporary and may end if a spouse gets remarried or lives with another man or woman. The purpose of spousal maintenance is to serve as sort of a bridge until the spouse is more in a position to pay their own bills.

Q. Do mothers always gain custody in a divorce?

A. No. The courts may tend to award custody to women slightly more, but in general, it is assumed that both parties will be actively involved in raising the children.

Q. Can Spouses get financial support while still married but separated?

A. Yes. Where it is warranted, a separated spouse is required to maintain their spouse if they are unable to pay their own bills.